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What if I got hurt but wasn't wearing a motorcycle helmet?

Depending where you're riding your motorcycle in the United States, and the state laws that govern the area, you could be legally required to wear a helmet. In the state of Indiana, there are some individuals -- in fact most motorcycle riders -- who don't actually have to wear a helmet.

Cerebral spinal fluid leaks signal danger for patients

The skull is a bone much like others in the body. There's a potential for it to break or crack on impact, which could have further consequences. Head trauma doesn't always involve a broken skull, but when it does, it's of the utmost importance to do all you can to get an accurate diagnosis.

Hitting your head in an accident means you need to see a doctor

Getting into a motor vehicle crash is a stressful and even embarrassing experience. Even when it's clear that the other driver was at fault in the collision, you may worry about how many people will see you, especially on major highways or at busy intersections. Other drivers may heckle you while you wait for law enforcement, making you want to put the whole thing behind you. That might result in you overlooking a serious injury.

Know the common causes of big rig accidents

Big rigs are all around New Albany. Driving safely near them is imperative. The drivers of these large trucks must also ensure that they are driving in a safe manner. Being involved in a semitruck crash is often a life-altering situation. Victims of such crashes may have legal actions they can pursue in connection to the harm done to them.

3 Thanksgiving hazards and how to avoid them

Thanksgiving is almost here, and with it comes a unique set of hazards. Did you know that Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most dangerous times of the year for drivers? A combination of increased traffic, poor weather conditions and drunk drivers puts people at higher risk over this weekend than almost any other time of the year.

Sprains and strains: It's not a stretch to seek medical help

After your motor vehicle accident, you knew you were hurt right away. You thought you had broken bones, but it turns out that you had sprains. Sprains and strains aren't necessarily as dangerous as a broken bone, but they have the potential to cause pain and disability.

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