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Car crashes into mobile home in Indiana

Even though teenage drivers getting their license for the first time have undergone driver's education classes, taken exams and spent a certain number of hours on the road to qualify for their license, nothing can replace the wisdom that age and experience bring. Younger drivers are often hesitant on the road, take longer to respond to changing road conditions and cannot anticipate another driver's behavior in advance the way older drivers do. This makes them more prone to car accidents that cause serious bodily injury and property damage.

Who can be held accountable in train accidents?

Indiana trains are used not only to transfer cargo across the state and state lines, but also to take passengers along as well. More and more reliance is being placed on locomotives as a means of transport and the likelihood for a train accident is only going to increase.

Man killed in two-truck crash

The trucking industry is an integral part of the country's economy. These vehicles' size allows them to carry heavy freight across state lines, which means that not only do state laws apply to them, but so does federal law. Trucking hours, freight, and size are all aspects that are regulated in an attempt to ensure safety on the roadways for truckers and other motorists. A truck accident oftentimes leaves those in a passenger vehicle with serious injuries, as the disparity in the vehicle sizes means a car driver is less protected.

Car accidents and automated vehicles: what's in the future?

As technology advances, companies have begun popularizing the concept of driverless cars, giving the assumption that a driver can sit behind a wheel, check out, perhaps catch a movie on their phone while the car steers itself safely down the road. Though this scenario may be possible at some point in the future, the partially autonomous systems currently available do not work this way. Despite this fact, many drivers still find themselves wrapped in a false sense of security.

Family members lose a loved on in crash at start of the year

The New Year means a new start for many individuals, but unfortunately it can end up becoming a tragic one if a family member is lost in a car accident near the end of the year. With the emotional turmoil come frustration and a need to answer questions such as what happened and who is responsible for this crash. When it comes to light that the accident could have been completely avoided if the negligent driver had not gotten behind the driving wheel while impaired, family members often feel like they might never come to terms with their loss.

Make determining liability a priority after a car accident

Car accidents in Indiana surely cause physical injuries, but they also leave emotional scars. The sounds of screeching tires and screams, the smell of burning rubber and oil and the force of the impact can leave accident victims emotionally reeling, afraid to get into cars and go through the same trauma all over again. Add to that the stress of getting treatment for one's injuries -- from the initial emergency room visit to the repeated visits for ongoing treatment, a car accident usually kicks off what will be a long and difficult journey of hospital visits and bills. Add to this the stress of the not being able to work, and the resulting loss of paycheck, and one can really see that the aftermath of the crash is often even more traumatizing than the actual incident.

Two sent to hospital in multi-vehicle crash in Indiana

People in Indiana expect to enjoy the holiday season with their family, and they look forward to this time all year long. When a motor-vehicle accident causes severe injuries and totals the car in the process, it can send the whole season into a tailspin for the accident victim and their family. One of the ways families can come to terms with their shocking accident can be to hold the negligent driver accountable, but when there are multiple vehicles involved, it can only add to the headache.

Get the compensation you need with experienced counsel

Though we often know that life can change in the blink of an eye, we don't know the ramifications of the statement until we go through something traumatic that does change everything, When an Indiana resident is involved in a motor vehicle accident, it does end up changing their whole life-in fact, not only theirs but also of their loved ones. This is because injuries can range from serious to paralyzing, even when the scars fade the pain can remain.

Increased risk of motor vehicle accidents in the summer

We give 17-year-olds the keys to the car and treat them like adults, but we often forget that they are still children-their decision making skills are still developing and their reaction time is still slow. This is perhaps why statistics show that new drivers between the ages of 16-17 are three times more likely than adults to be involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident.

Sleep apnea and increased chance of crashes explained

We know that a good night's sleep means we wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. We don't think much of the repercussions of missing a couple of hours of sleep, thinking we can make it up the next day-it's not a matter of life and death for most of us. Unless you are a truck driver, where drowsy driving means you are operating a large vehicle without fully functioning cognitive abilities. This is perhaps why some researchers estimate that up to 20 percent of large-truck accidents are caused by drowsy or fatigued driving.

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