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What is the average settlement for a motorcycle accident?

If you’re injured in an accident, and thinking about making a claim for your injuries, you may be wondering what a good, or average, settlement might be. Whether it be a trucking accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, or just a regular car wreck, there are many factors that go in to how big your settlement will be. The first factor is who is at fault, or liable, for your injuries and other damages, and how much insurance they have. You may be very seriously injured, but if the person who injured you has $25,000 insurance limits, and you don’t have any underinsured coverage, the highest settlement you can expect to get is $25,000.

You also need to look at how strong the proof is that they are at fault. While it may seem cut and dry, insurance companies many times try to interpret the facts to put the fault on someone other than their insured. They may point the finger at another driver or even at you. Getting a lawyer early on in the process can help preserve the evidence proving that it was the other driver, not you, who was at fault.

The second line of questioning has to do with your injuries. The extent of your injuries and your treatment are the second biggest determinant in how large your settlement will be. It’s not enough to tell an insurance company that you suffered pain. Your injuries must be documented with medical records detailing the injuries experienced and the treatment undergone. Some people’s injuries are permanent, some people miss work, some people are scarred – these are all factors that affect your settlement as well.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t want to go through the process of settling your claim alone. There are too many ways to miss out on getting your maximum settlement. Call us, we can help you get what you deserve.

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