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What do I do after a trucking accident?

After a trucking accident, one should always be sure that they get a good comprehensive medical exam. The first reason for the medical exam is that you don’t want any injuries to go untreated. A traumatic brain injury, for example, may not be immediately apparent. Secondly, you want to make sure that the injury is documented and is properly attributed to the accident. You will have a difficult time making a claim to be compensated for an injury that is not noted and treated by a medical professional. Third, you should call an attorney right away so we can investigate the accident and preserve evidence. The trucking company will have their investigators at the scene immediately. These investigators will be calling you for statements and examining not only the truck, but your vehicle as well. The company may indicate that their driver was at fault, and you may think that you can handle it yourself, but if they later change their mind, you are at a disadvantage.

If you've been hurt in an 18-wheeler accident, call us right away. Don’t give the trucking company a head start.

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