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Honored law enforcement officer's family awarded benefits

Law enforcement officers and their families, facing the consequences of a fatal or personal injury, must often confront legal and bureaucratic obstacles when they seek workers' compensation or other funds that were established to compensate victims and their families. Thirteen years after a fatal shooting, a family of a Monroe County corrections officer was finally awarded $275,000 from a federal fund last month.

Misreading CT scan costs $15 million

Although medical technology is designed to preserve life, human error with its use can jeopardize health. In one recent personal injury case, a federal court jury in Indiana awarded $15 million to a woman who charged that a Carmel imaging center committed malpractice and reduced her chances of successfully combating cancer by failing to identify a tumor that went undetected and untreated for 1½ years.

Car crash with horse-and-buggy kills 2

As mentioned previously on this blog post, motorists often overlook other objects on the road. This ends up resulting in fatal accidents or crashes involving catastrophic injuries. When an intoxicated driver causes the car accident, the family members of the accident victim are even more frustrated as the crash could have been avoided from the outset if the drunk driver had been responsible from the beginning.

Work zone car accidents can be fatal

Now that better weather is finally upon Indiana residents, many drivers will probably see their favorite routes being closed down as major road construction projects get underway. Even though drivers may see the yellow and red warnings, many don't take heed of these warnings and end up engaging in irresponsible driving habits that could end up injuring a construction worker or someone else.

Assistance for truck accident victims

Last week's blog post touched upon the conflicting nature of the trucking industry. Although an integral part of commerce in the country, characteristics unique to the industry make truckers more susceptible to becoming involved in accidents similar to the one reported last week, resulting in one person's death.

Dram Shop Act and accountability in drunk driving crashes

Accident victims and their loved ones often feel frustrated after a car crash, and they want answers. How the accident was caused and whether their life will ever be the same are just some of the questions that go through the minds of many car accident victims. Getting answers can be difficult, but obtaining accountability doesn't have to be. In Indiana, it is possible to hold not only a drunk driver accountable for his or her negligent act, but also the establishment or host that provided him or her with alcohol.

Assistance seeking compensation for your personal injuries

As discussed last week, though many people don't think the circumstances surrounding their injuries is important, in a legal context it determines the type of case one can pursue and the relevant procedural requirements. For example, getting injured in a car accident may be a personal injury claim while a workplace accident may lead to a workers' compensation claim.

How are personal injury and workers' compensation different?

When someone is hurt due to another person's negligence, the last thing on their mind might be holding the negligent party responsible. But as the medical bills pile up and wages are lost due to the injury, they might come to realize that compensation for the personal injury may be one way to gain financial stability. There are different legal options available to injured Indiana residents, depending on the injury.

Who can pursue a lawsuit in a product liability case?

Holiday season means gifts -- both buying and receiving. But what happens when a product a person in Indiana receives injures them? Who can they hold accountable for the injuries they have sustained and the medical costs they have incurred for their treatment? Does the fact that the injured party is not even the purchaser of the product bar them from recovering against the supplier of the product?

Retailer's duties to avoid personal injuries during sale season

Everyone loves a good sale and "Black Friday" often provides amazing discounts that Indiana residents cash in on to complete their holiday shopping. People scour various websites to find out what deals to expect, when the stores will open and the added incentive being early will provide. With all the excitement comes mayhem, and the frenzy often leads to injuries and deaths. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides guidelines for retailers as to how to control a crowd and avoid related injuries.

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