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June 2018 Archives

Misreading CT scan costs $15 million

Although medical technology is designed to preserve life, human error with its use can jeopardize health. In one recent personal injury case, a federal court jury in Indiana awarded $15 million to a woman who charged that a Carmel imaging center committed malpractice and reduced her chances of successfully combating cancer by failing to identify a tumor that went undetected and untreated for 1½ years.

Can you separate the truth from myths about SSD?

When an Indiana resident is too young to retire but in no physical state to continue working, either due to an injury or disability, do they have a financial safety net? Social Security Disability benefits is supposed to function as that insurance plan-its supposed to protect against the risk that everyone in the country faces, the risk that one day they will be unable to perform their job.

Car crash with horse-and-buggy kills 2

As mentioned previously on this blog post, motorists often overlook other objects on the road. This ends up resulting in fatal accidents or crashes involving catastrophic injuries. When an intoxicated driver causes the car accident, the family members of the accident victim are even more frustrated as the crash could have been avoided from the outset if the drunk driver had been responsible from the beginning.

Don't let bias against motorcyclists taint your lawsuit

There is an unfortunate stigma around motorcyclists, in Indiana and across the country, that makes motorcyclists disliked and distrusted by many people, including police. If a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, they are assumed to be at fault. This preconceived notion is difficult to overcome and can be especially damaging if an injured motorcyclist is trying to receive compensation from a negligent motorist who injured him in a motorcycle accident.

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