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Don't let bias against motorcyclists taint your lawsuit

There is an unfortunate stigma around motorcyclists, in Indiana and across the country, that makes motorcyclists disliked and distrusted by many people, including police. If a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, they are assumed to be at fault. This preconceived notion is difficult to overcome and can be especially damaging if an injured motorcyclist is trying to receive compensation from a negligent motorist who injured him in a motorcycle accident.

The fact that a motorcyclist is much more likely to suffer a fatal injury in an accident does not matter when jury members believe that the motorcyclist brought it upon himself. Fighting this type of bias is just one of the hurdles lawyers at the Law Office of Nick Stein are experienced in doing. With more than 35 years of experience under their belt, they are prepared to pursue matters both in and out of court.

They realize that proving liability, fault, is the heart of the lawsuit and that it is on the plaintiff, the accident victim, to prove fault. A case that is unable to establish fault doesn't amount to much, which is why gathering evidence through various means is a very important aspect of trial strategy.

Additionally, they also paint a realistic picture for their clients. If settling a claim is a better way of getting the compensation an accident victim deserves, they outline the reasons why and advise accordingly.

An accident brings with it unexpected burdens, both emotional and physical. Having someone knowledgeable and experienced by one's side can help get the compensation needed to cover a victim's physical burden, which in turn can go a long way in healing the emotional one. For more information, visit our motorcycle accidents page.

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