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Work zone car accidents can be fatal

Now that better weather is finally upon Indiana residents, many drivers will probably see their favorite routes being closed down as major road construction projects get underway. Even though drivers may see the yellow and red warnings, many don't take heed of these warnings and end up engaging in irresponsible driving habits that could end up injuring a construction worker or someone else.

As per the Indiana Department of Transportation, police data of 2014 shows that 14 people were killed and 400 more injured in accidents in work zones. Police officials noted that the most common causes of the accidents included following too closely, improper lane change, running off the roadway, unsafe lane movement and driver inattention. As a result, rear-end and head-on collisions were common types of accidents that took place.

Fatal work zone crashes happen most often in summer and fall, and the more frequent type of crash was a rear-end one. Generally, the areas where drivers are joining or leaving the work zone are the most dangerous, as drivers are changing lanes and merging at that time.

It is essential to slow down, pay attention to the road and not get distracted while behind the wheel in a work zone. A driver who travels at 45 miles per hour in a work zone rather than 65 miles per hour is only adding one more minute on their travel time, but if they do not slow down, they could end up killing someone.

Four out of five people who are killed in work zones are drivers and passengers, not highway workers. This highlights the importance of paying attention to flaggers and construction signs to guide one as to what their speed should be and if oncoming traffic will be coming in the same lane.

If someone has suffered a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by someone else's negligence, for example, by not following the posted work zone speed limit, they may want to consider holding that driver accountable for their actions.

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