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Texting and driving is deadliest form of distracted driving

When Indiana drivers travel across the same route almost daily, they get used to the roads and may end up allowing their minds to wander off. As a result, rather than focus on the road and changing road conditions, they could be thinking about a project at work or what to pick up from the grocers. These distractions could end up causing a fatal accident.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, any activity that distracts a driver from the road is commonly referred to as distracted driving. Even though we commonly think distracted driving is only talking on the phone or texting, that's not the only dangerous activity. Even fiddling with the navigation system and the radio or eating and drinking in the car can be considered distracting if it takes the driver's attention away from their primary task of driving. Additionally, distractions don't have to involve physically taking one's eyes off the road -- if they are causing cognitive impairment, such as daydreaming behind the steering wheel, they can be just as dangerous.

In 2016 alone distracted driving claimed 3450 lives. Texting while driving does remain the most dangerous of the forms of distracted driving. When someone is reading a text they take their eyes off the road for five seconds. This may not sound like a lot but when a vehicle is travelling at 55 mph this can be the entire length of a football field.It is often difficult to prove that the driver was texting and driving when a motor vehicle accident took place. In a car accident involving suspicions of distracted driving it might be beneficial to consult experience professional, as they may be able to figure out the best way to hold the negligent driver responsible at how to collect evidence.

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