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April 2018 Archives

Texting and driving is deadliest form of distracted driving

When Indiana drivers travel across the same route almost daily, they get used to the roads and may end up allowing their minds to wander off. As a result, rather than focus on the road and changing road conditions, they could be thinking about a project at work or what to pick up from the grocers. These distractions could end up causing a fatal accident.

Medical malpractice lawsuits shed light on medical mistakes

It is an unfortunate reality that Indiana medical errors are common in a hospital setting. It is also unfortunate that when such medical mistakes cause injuries and deaths, the medical community closes ranks to protect their own. Lastly, it is equally unfortunate that someone pursuing a medical negligence lawsuit against negligent medical professionals is considered to be hampering doctors and tying them up in litigation rather than allowing them to provide healthcare to patients.

Obstetricians among most sued specialists for medical errors

The birth of a child marks a monumental step in an Indiana couple's life, with them expecting their life to change as they begin to care for a healthy child. However, if medical professionals responsible for the healthy birth of a child are negligent in their duties, they may end up causing serious birth injuries that could affect the child for the rest of his or her life.

What if I got hurt but wasn't wearing a motorcycle helmet?

Depending where you're riding your motorcycle in the United States, and the state laws that govern the area, you could be legally required to wear a helmet. In the state of Indiana, there are some individuals -- in fact most motorcycle riders -- who don't actually have to wear a helmet.

Car crashes into mobile home in Indiana

Even though teenage drivers getting their license for the first time have undergone driver's education classes, taken exams and spent a certain number of hours on the road to qualify for their license, nothing can replace the wisdom that age and experience bring. Younger drivers are often hesitant on the road, take longer to respond to changing road conditions and cannot anticipate another driver's behavior in advance the way older drivers do. This makes them more prone to car accidents that cause serious bodily injury and property damage.

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