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Assistance for truck accident victims

Last week's blog post touched upon the conflicting nature of the trucking industry. Although an integral part of commerce in the country, characteristics unique to the industry make truckers more susceptible to becoming involved in accidents similar to the one reported last week, resulting in one person's death.

Time is money in the trucking industry, which is why truckers are under constant pressure to drive faster and for longer hours. The sooner they get done with one route, the sooner they can begin another. Federal and state law, which does place limitations on truckers, recognizes this but the trucking industry's importance means that the rules are not strict enough. This means that truck drivers are often overworked and under slept while operating a heavy and long vehicle that can become a deadly object if not operated correctly.

Though accident victims can ask for compensation from the trucking company employing the trucker in their personal injury lawsuit, truck accident litigation can end up being highly complicated. This is because there are a number of additional parties involved-truck mechanics, commercial insurance companies and also federal regulations to cater to. When pursuing a personal injury claim in the aftermath of a truck crash, it is beneficial to consult lawyers who have relevant experience, such as those employed at the Law Office of Nick Stein.

We understand the various rules applicable to our client's case and the strategies employed by insurance carriers to pass the buck. We work dedicatedly for our clients, to get them the compensation they deserve to recover from their crash. For more on truck accidents, visit our page.

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