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All drivers have to help keep motorcyclists safe

People who ride motorcycles typically just want to enjoy the ride and get home safely. In most cases, motorcyclists are safe drivers, but they can't prevent all accidents. They count on other drivers to help keep them safe.

Some people don't realize just how dangerous motorcycle crashes can be. When you put a two-wheeled open vehicle up against a full size car, truck or SUV, you can probably imagine the horrors that can occur. Here are some essential considerations for everyone to remember about motorcycle safety on the road:

Motorcyclists are more likely to be injured or killed

When you compare motorcyclists to occupants of other vehicles, you will find that the individuals on motorcycles who are involved in an accident are more likely to suffer from an injury or die. In fact, they are five times more likely to be injured and 26 times more likely to die. One would hope those numbers would be a wake-up call that reminds all drivers to be careful when they are sharing the road with these two-wheeled vehicles.

Injuries that a motorcyclist can suffer from range from minor, like road rash, up to catastrophic ones like brain or spine injuries. Broken bones, bruising and crushing injuries might also occur. Wearing proper protective gear, including sturdy shoes and a helmet, could help motorcyclists to minimize the injuries they face if the are involved in a crash.

Most dangerous areas

There are a few areas on the road that are more dangerous than others. One that is particularly troublesome is intersections. Because of the small profiles of motorcycles, other drivers might not see them. This is sometimes due to inattention, but it might also be because the motorcycle is hidden behind another object, such as shrubs or a parked vehicle.

Everyone needs to be more careful in areas where other vehicles might have to yield the right of way to motorcyclists. Some motorists don't comply with the right of way when the other vehicle is a motorcycle. This type of action is what leads to an estimated two-thirds of accidents that involve a motorcyclist and another vehicle.

All motorcyclists who are involved in any sort of accident should make sure they get medical care right away. Sometimes, injuries might not be evident at the time of the crash so it is a good idea to get checked out even if you think you are fine.

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