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Helping you qualify for SSD benefits

Living with a disability is nothing short of challenging. While individuals in Indiana may be able to alter their lives to better handle the difficulties that accompany his or her disability, it remains a tough situation with which to cope. In fact, a disability, whether born with or acquired later in life because of an injury or illness, could present many financial challenges due to necessary medical care and the inability to work.

When a disabled person is unable to maintain employment on account of his or her condition, it is possible to seek benefits through a Social Security Administration program. Social Security disability could help an individual obtain compensation that may help cover basic living needs. While thee benefits are often necessary for those living with disabilities, it is not always easy to recover them.

Application for SSD benefits must be complete and accompanied with evidence, such as medical records, that prove that the applicant qualifies for benefits. To receive, one must not only suffer from a a condition identified by the federal government as qualifying, but he or she must meet the SSA's strict definition of disability. This means that they are no longer able to work, cannot alter their work, and have suffered or are expected to suffer from the disability for a year or have it result in their death.

At the Law Office of Nick Stein, it is our goal to ensure that our clients send in a complete application that seeks to prove that they meet these standards and qualify for benefits. Even if a client's initial application is denied, our law firm is prepared to seek reconsideration or file an appeal. We look at all the detail involved in these matters, ensuring that all information and evidence is provided.

To learn more, check out our law firm's Social Security disability website. Whether you seek to apply for benefits, pursue reconsideration for a denied application, or file an appeal, it is important to understand the process and be fully aware of your rights. This can help you better navigate the situation, which could increase your chances of recovering the compensation you need.

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