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Car accidents and automated vehicles: what's in the future?

As technology advances, companies have begun popularizing the concept of driverless cars, giving the assumption that a driver can sit behind a wheel, check out, perhaps catch a movie on their phone while the car steers itself safely down the road. Though this scenario may be possible at some point in the future, the partially autonomous systems currently available do not work this way. Despite this fact, many drivers still find themselves wrapped in a false sense of security.

Indiana residents may not be surprised to hear that, even though automakers have tried to warn drivers of the problems with zoning out while behind the wheel, drivers are trying to exploit the system by saying that a car was on autopilot when in fact their own negligence causes a car accident. Two recent motor vehicle accidents demonstrate the dangers of these vehicles. In one of those wrecks, a vehicle crashed into a stopped firetruck, resulting in the car crumpling into less than a third of its original length. The driver immediately claimed that the vehicle was on autopilot. Another crash took place when a drunk driver had passed out behind the wheel of his car after putting his car on autopilot.

Again, automakers claim that their vehicles warn drivers of the limitations of autopilot and to keep focused on the road at all times, but drivers fail to do so. The problem is when they fail to do so and cause disastrous motor vehicle accidents, who can be held accountable and liable? The car company may try to absolve themselves of any liability by saying that they provided adequate warnings, and the driver may try to excuse themselves by passing blame onto misleading advertisements. At the end of it all, the accident victim may be the one who has to pay, with hospital bills, property damage, and injuries that need accounting for.

As the law struggles to catch up with changing times and courts begin to consider the question of accountability for different types of crashes, accident victims should not let these obstacles stand in the way of getting the compensation they deserve. An experienced attorney may be able to help them fight to recover the money they need to recoup their damages.

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