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Hitting your head in an accident means you need to see a doctor

Getting into a motor vehicle crash is a stressful and even embarrassing experience. Even when it's clear that the other driver was at fault in the collision, you may worry about how many people will see you, especially on major highways or at busy intersections. Other drivers may heckle you while you wait for law enforcement, making you want to put the whole thing behind you. That might result in you overlooking a serious injury.

Many people simply feel grateful that they can walk away from a crash without any visible injuries. However, just because you didn't break any bones doesn't mean you avoided all injury. Some of the worst injuries commonly associated with car crashes aren't visible and may take time to show serious symptoms.

Traumatic brain injuries are common injuries in crashes

There are several ways that traffic collisions can cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The first is striking your head against something. Whether it's a window, the steering wheel, debris or another object if you're thrown from the vehicle, anything that hits your head or that you strike your head against can cause an injury.

However, hitting your head isn't the only way to sustain a TBI. Penetrating injuries from metal, glass or other debris from the accident can injure your brain. It's also possible for shaking, from issues like a sudden stop or rolling a vehicle, to cause a TBI.

Always seek medical care if your head gets injured

Even if you think it's a minor injury, you need to seek a professional medical evaluation in a hospital or doctor's office if there is any potential for a brain injury. While you may feel well enough to move on after a crash, there could still be potential for a TBI from delayed onset of symptoms as swelling, bruising or bleeding on the brain increase over time. Additionally, the rush of adrenaline from the crash may leave you feeling less pain than you will at a later time.

The worst symptoms of a TBI can take may days or even weeks to fully manifest. In some cases, if you delay medical evaluation, it may be difficult to prove that the injury resulted from the crash. That could make getting compensation for your injury more difficult. Seeking medical care after a collision can help document the potential injury and improve your chances of a successful claim or lawsuit in the future.

More importantly, early medical intervention could stave off the worst symptoms of a TBI. Left untreated, a TBI could progress until it causes severe and debilitating symptoms, some of which could persist for the rest of your life. Getting care early could improve your prognosis and chances of a full recovery.

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