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December 2017 Archives

Can I receive short-term disability?

Most Indiana residents are probably aware that Social Security Disability benefits are available to those individuals who have a medical condition that is expected to last at least 12 months and could even result in death. So, does this mean there is no such thing as 'temporary SSD benefits'?

Are elderly patients more likely to get worse at hospitals?

When an Indiana resident goes to a doctor to seek treatment for an ailment, they expect the medical professional to ask them questions about their general health as well, to get an accurate picture of their life and health prior to the current condition. According to some though, medical professionals are inexperienced in dealing with elderly patients and as a result, can end up prescribing medicines or procedures that clash with their current condition, ending up worsening their condition.

Make determining liability a priority after a car accident

Car accidents in Indiana surely cause physical injuries, but they also leave emotional scars. The sounds of screeching tires and screams, the smell of burning rubber and oil and the force of the impact can leave accident victims emotionally reeling, afraid to get into cars and go through the same trauma all over again. Add to that the stress of getting treatment for one's injuries -- from the initial emergency room visit to the repeated visits for ongoing treatment, a car accident usually kicks off what will be a long and difficult journey of hospital visits and bills. Add to this the stress of the not being able to work, and the resulting loss of paycheck, and one can really see that the aftermath of the crash is often even more traumatizing than the actual incident.

Know the common causes of big rig accidents

Big rigs are all around New Albany. Driving safely near them is imperative. The drivers of these large trucks must also ensure that they are driving in a safe manner. Being involved in a semitruck crash is often a life-altering situation. Victims of such crashes may have legal actions they can pursue in connection to the harm done to them.

Two sent to hospital in multi-vehicle crash in Indiana

People in Indiana expect to enjoy the holiday season with their family, and they look forward to this time all year long. When a motor-vehicle accident causes severe injuries and totals the car in the process, it can send the whole season into a tailspin for the accident victim and their family. One of the ways families can come to terms with their shocking accident can be to hold the negligent driver accountable, but when there are multiple vehicles involved, it can only add to the headache.

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