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Can I receive short-term disability?

Most Indiana residents are probably aware that Social Security Disability benefits are available to those individuals who have a medical condition that is expected to last at least 12 months and could even result in death. So, does this mean there is no such thing as 'temporary SSD benefits'?

The simple answer to this question is that there are no short-term SSD benefits. However, the longer answer to this question is that maybe they could be available. For example, when someone has begun receiving SSD benefits, there is nothing that prevents them from returning to work. For example, if the condition is expected to last for more than one year but is resolved within four years, there is nothing that prevents that individual from returning to the workforce. In fact, the Social Security Administration offers various incentives to people to return.

One incentive provided is that within 60 months, a person receiving SSD benefits could return to work for nine non-consecutive months and their monthly earnings would not affect their monthly SSD benefit. The benefit could be suspended after the tenth month if the person is earning more than the substantial gainful activity amount. Benefits are reinstated immediately if the person stops working within the 36 month period following the return to work. Additionally, even if someone has worked past this period of eligibility, they could qualify for an expedited reinstatement if they are unable to work due to their medical condition within five years following the termination of benefits.

Therefore, even though there may be no temporary disability benefits, it is possible to receive SSD benefits for a relatively shorter period of time, return to work unsuccessfully, and then begin receiving them again. As this helps illustrate, it is important to understand the benefits program in order to get the most from the federal system.

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