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When should I pursue a workers' compensation claim?

Like other states across the country, Indiana is required to carry workers' compensation insurance for their employees. This means when an employee is injured during the course of their employment, their employer will compensate them for their medical expenses and other expenses. The program also does not need injured workers to prove the injury was their fault to receive compensation.

Even though an injured employee has two years to file a workers' compensation claim, they have to provide notice to their employer within 30 days of the injury. This is very important, as failure to provide notice to the employer may bar the compensation claim from moving forward.

Indiana's laws also allow for wage replacement, up to a certain extent-- this depends on the severity of the disability. In addition to this, an employer is also prohibited from firing an inured worker because their disability prevents them from doing their job.

When an individual is injured while performing their duties, rather than pursue a personal injury claim they may be able to file a workers' compensation claim to recover compensation for their injuries. Since fault does not have to be proven in these claims, employees may prefer pursuing this avenue, but it is important to note that employers and insurance companies can still dispute workers' compensation claims and delay the process. It may be beneficial to have an experienced attorney review one's case to determine what legal options are available and offer the best solution. Seeking the assistance of a qualified attorney can help those in such situation proceed with a solid plan of action.

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