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When should I pursue a workers' compensation claim?

There is little that can make losing a loved one in a sudden car accident worse, but when parents witness the crash that results in the death of their young children, there is little that can be said to console them. People who have lost loved ones in crashes try to make sense of the situation-how could this happen and how are they going to move on with their lives? The trauma and loss cannot be explained or quantified.

There are perhaps the emotions running through the minds of parents who lost their two young daughters in a motor vehicle accident in Indiana recently. The two girls, one aged four and the other two, were in a car with their aunt in front of their house when the crash took place. According to reports, the aunt's vehicle had stopped before making a left-turn when a vehicle towing a horse trailer pulled up behind it. According to the police, the bigger vehicle struck the smaller one in front of it. The father reportedly heard the noise and ran out, trying to get his children out of the car.

One of the girls died at the scene of the accident while the other was pronounced dead at the hospital. Their aunt also sustained serious injuries. The police is investigating the accident and toxicology results are pending.

When a young child's promising life is cut short in such a manner, it can be frustrating for parents. In addition to criminal charges, it may be possible to hold a negligent driver civilly accountable for their irresponsible actions that led to someone's death. Though the compensation received through a successful suit cannot even begin to cover the losses they have suffered, it may go a long way in covering expenses associated with the accident, such as funeral expenses.

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