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Sprains and strains: It's not a stretch to seek medical help

After your motor vehicle accident, you knew you were hurt right away. You thought you had broken bones, but it turns out that you had sprains. Sprains and strains aren't necessarily as dangerous as a broken bone, but they have the potential to cause pain and disability.

Sprains and strains cause people to miss work, require physical therapy, in some cases, and take weeks to months to recover. Some serious sprains require surgery to repair torn or damaged tendons and ligaments.

How common are sprains or strains?

Sprains take place approximately 25,000 times daily in the U.S., sending those individuals to local emergency rooms for treatment. Sprains are more common among those who are overweight or who exercise infrequently. In a motor vehicle accident, the most common kind of sprain or strain is called whiplash, which occurs when the muscles that support the head and neck are stretched and pulled suddenly.

What do you have to do if you suffer a sprain?

The first thing to do is to go to a doctor for the correct diagnosis. Broken bones sometimes appear to be sprains and vice versa. Swelling and pain is common with a sprain or any kind of injury to the ligaments, joints or tendons, so a proper medical exam gives you the basis for a claim along with the basis for medications to treat your pain.

Appropriate medical care is necessary. Without treatment, a sprain can continue to affect the body for weeks or months. Minor sprains may resolve in a few weeks with anti-inflammatory medications, bandage support and ice. Acute sprains may require further treatment. Some require surgery to repair tears, while others require therapy to help the tendon as it heals.

Sprains and strains seem like innocuous injuries, but it's necessary to get the right care. With time, a sprain will heal.

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