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Get help applying for SSD benefits

Indiana residents, similar to their counterparts across the country, work hard at their jobs and like to maintain their physical and financial independence. This is why many of them continue to work into old age-they don't want to become dependent on anyone else. But, sometimes, they become injured on the job or suffer an illness that affects their ability to work and they must rely on someone else for assistance. The federal government provides them with options in these instances by providing aid in the form of social security disability benefits.

The problem with receiving these benefits is that the applicant is giving up a portion of their independence-in order to qualify the applicant must admit that they need financial assistance because their condition prevents them from working and earning a living for themselves and getting treatment for their illness. On top of that, the paperwork required to demonstrate eligibility can be confusing, intrusive and time-consuming, adding to the frustration of the applicant.

Lawyers at our firm have worked with hundreds of clients and provide the compassionate guidance they need at an overwhelming juncture of their lives. We understand clients do not want to compromise on their care or their independence and our familiarity with the process helps smooth the way for them. We try answering all questions and painting a realistic picture for our clients, while fighting to get them the benefits they deserve.

The laws and eligibility criteria are often changing and it is important to speak to someone with recent experience in the field, like lawyers at our firm. For more, visit our page.

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