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Avail options to minimize SSD denied claim appeal time

When Indiana residents are unable to continue working and make an earning for themselves due to a disability, they can apply to state agencies that are affiliated with the Social Security Administration. The unfortunate reality is that most first-time applicants are denied social security disability benefits-only about one-third of them are approved. The good news is that a denied claim is not the end of the story; it is possible to appeal a denied claim. In fact, most people who appeal a denied claim are successful.

The Social Security Administration provides benefits to millions of people yearly-around 10.5 million people receive SSD benefits and another 8 million receive SSI benefits. Even though the agency paid out almost $200 million in disability payments last year alone, in reality, it doesn't amount to more than $1100 a month. Though this may seem like a measly amount, for many, it could be the amount between receiving medical care and surviving and not.

Unfortunately, according to the SSA, there is a huge backlog in the appeals process, causing people to have to wait around two years before their appeal is heard. The backlog has only gotten this severe in recent years, with budget cuts affecting judge's ability to keep up with the claims. The average wait is up to more than 600 days, up from only a year five years ago.

Though the wait may seem daunting, it may be possible to utilize various strategies to get a quicker appeal hearing, including availing a program that prioritizes disbursement of SSD benefits to people with serious illnesses and conditions. An experienced attorney may be able to help Indiana residents with the options available to them.

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