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Glass at the local pool? You could have a case

Swimming pool owners have a responsibility to keep those who use their pools safe. That means limiting hazards whenever possible.

At most pools, you'll see signs with restrictions and rules. One common rule is not to bring in sharp items or items that could break, like glass. If someone violates that rule, he or she puts everyone at the pool at risk of harm.

Why does it matter if someone brings glass to a pool?

Imagine walking across a pool deck and suddenly feeling a shard of glass painfully cut into your foot. That's the problem with bringing any drinks or containers with glass into a pool area. Additionally, even if the area is cleaned up, the water could hide pieces or pull them into the pool. There, they could cause even more injuries.

What should you do if you see someone with glass at a pool?

If it is against the pool's rules, mention this to the individual or the owner, if he or she is present. At least then, the individuals can't say they weren't aware that the use of glass in the area was restricted. Then, if injuries occur, you can pursue a claim against the responsible parties.

In most cases, if you mention that there are hazards present, the owner of the pool will want to take steps to correct them as soon as possible. Since he or she will be held liable for negligence if he or she doesn't act on your report and prevent an injury, the owner will want to do so to avoid getting sued.

In the case that he or she does not take your complaint seriously and you are hurt, then you're in a position to file a claim for compensation following your injury.

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