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Common reasons for denied SSD claims

When someone has been working their whole life and trying to remain independent without relying on anyone for help, it may come as a shock to them that they are suddenly injured and need to ask for financial assistance to make ends meet. However, various federal programs exist for this reason--to provide much needed financial assistance to those who prove their eligibility. The federal regulations surrounding the Social Security Disability claims administered by the Social Security Administration are complicated, however, and it can be frustrating when someone has finally completed their application and submitted their paperwork only to have their claim denied.

It's not as alarming as it initially comes across-almost 70 percent of first-time applications are denied. Where does this leave frustrated Indiana residents? The good news is that with the denial comes a notice that explains why the denial was given. Even if the reasoning was not provided, it is possible to request one from the SSA. In order to appeal the decision, a process that will be discussed next week, it is important to understand why the denial was given.

The most common reason a claim is denied is because a person has not met the non-medical requirements-one is earning more than the income eligibility limit. In addition to this, equally common is the lack of evidence demonstrating that the medical condition will last for more than one year or even more, preventing the person from working for that long. If the condition is significantly going to improve or if someone is able to perform some form of work activity, the SSA does not consider it a condition worthy of receiving benefits. Also, claims are denied if someone is not cooperating with the SSA or the SSA is not able to get in touch with them.

Getting a denial may be devastating, but it is not the end. With the denial notice in hand, it may be possible to appeal the decision. As this can prolong the process before receiving SSD benefits, it may be beneficial to consult an experienced attorney from the onset to ensure that the application is completed correctly.

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