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What it means to have a complete spinal injury

The crash happened on your way to work. You were driving through an intersection, and a semi-truck driver didn't stop. He hit you on the driver's side, pushing you into the middle of the intersection and into several other vehicles.

The next thing you knew, you were waking up in the hospital. You tried to get up, but you realized you couldn't feel your legs. That's when you discovered you suffer from a complete spinal injury.

What is a complete spinal cord injury?

A complete spinal cord injury is when there is a lack of motor functions and sensations below the point of the injury. For example, if you injure the spinal cord at the neck and it's a complete injury, you won't feel anything below the neck and may not be able to move anything below the neck. There may still be functioning nerves or axons below the point of injury, but because access to that part of the spine has been disrupted, your body does not work correctly.

This is a severe injury that may change you life in a variety of ways.

How does a complete spinal injury affect you?

If you lose sensation or the ability to move below a certain point of the spine, it can affect you dramatically. You may be unable to walk or participate in activities you once enjoyed. Certain organs may not function correctly, depending on the nerves involved.

You may need months or years of rehabilitation to help your muscles stay strong even though you can't feel or use them. This helps prevent muscle wasting, so that if there is a time when the injury can be repaired, your body can handle the surgery or treatment more easily.

Spinal cord injuries are extremely costly, and they may not be curable. If you're left with a permanent disability, it may mean you can no longer work or do the things you love, which could impact your emotional or physical health. It's important to keep your body in shape as much as possible and to participate in treatment plans. New technology is emerging that could, someday, cure spinal injuries.

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