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Holding drowsy and buzzed truck drivers accountable

Indiana is called the Crossroads of America for good reason, as several traffic corridors, heading both east and west and north and south, cross this state. Even here in the southern part of the state, there are lots of truckers and other commercial vehicles passing through on their way to pick up and drop off loads.

While most truck drivers and their employers probably do what they can to maintain a drug free workplace, the reality is many truck drivers do have problems with substance abuse, and their misuse of illegal or even prescription drugs and other products can spill over in to their driving. Obviously, a driver who is under the influence presents a serious hazard to others on the road.

What some residents of New Albany might not realize is that overly tired drivers can exhibit the same driving behavior as one might expect from a drunk or drugged truck drivers. Even if a driver who has not had adequate rest manages to stay awake at the wheel, his or her coordination and judgment will be impaired simply on account of exhaustion. Again, this sort of behavior is hazardous.

When a buzzed or drowsy driver causes an accident on Indiana's roads, the results can be a serious injury or even a fatality, particularly because trucks are so much bigger and heavier than the cars with which they share the road. A victim of a truck accident will likely need to seek compensation from the truck driver and his or her employer just to make ends meet. Moreover, it is important to hold these types of truck drivers accountable by all legal means.

With their years of experience, the attorneys with our law office recognizes the serious financial and emotional impact a truck accident has on victims. We also know that these sorts of cases can be complicated and difficult, as there may be a number of sources to look to for compensation. Moreover, truck drivers and trucking companies are often not at all eager to settle cases since that means higher insurance premiums and, for a driver, the possibility of losing one's job.

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