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June 2017 Archives

Second person dead after car accident, investigation pending

Every single day, thousands of people head out on the open road whether for pleasure or work. While the vast majority of these trips thankfully occur without incident, there are some that unfortunately end in tragedy. As a recent car accident in Gary shows, these situations can claim lives and leave many questions.

Techniques attorneys use to reduce disability hearing wait times

Many residents of New Albany and others who live on the Indiana side of the Louisville metro area probably have heard in the news that many people get denied Social Security benefits for disability even when they have a good case and were very careful about filling out the required paperwork. These same people also probably recognize that, for Social Security disability claims, it takes a long time, sometimes years, to get the denial appealed to an administrative law judge for review.

Holding drowsy and buzzed truck drivers accountable

Indiana is called the Crossroads of America for good reason, as several traffic corridors, heading both east and west and north and south, cross this state. Even here in the southern part of the state, there are lots of truckers and other commercial vehicles passing through on their way to pick up and drop off loads.

Does every dog get a free bite?

The saying, "every dog gets a bite" refers to a traditional notion in the law that, before a dog actually bites anyone, an owner cannot be expected to know his or her animal is dangerous and thus cannot financially accountable for the pet's first attack on a human being.

If I get hurt at work, can I still get disability benefits?

When an Indiana resident has a work accident that leaves him or her unable to earn a living, one of the first thoughts that person or her family may have is how they are going to support themselves without that person's income.

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