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Overview of Indiana's workers' compensation system

Like all of its sister states, Indiana has a workers' compensation system. Through this system, workers in New Albany, Indiana and the surrounding communities north of the Ohio River can, in theory get coverage for their medical bills and a good portion of their lost wages after suffering a personal injury at work.

In most cases, Indiana employers must provide workers' compensation coverage that will pay compensation for their employees' work-related illnesses and injuries, although there are some exceptions to this rule. This compensation is designed to be paid to workers quickly so that they can get their medical bills resolved quickly and can also get some replacement income while they are out of work. I

In exchange for this benefit, though, employees must treat their workers' compensation claim as the "exclusive remedy" against their employer. What this means is that if an injury falls within the purview of Indiana's workers' compensation law, then the employee cannot sue his or her employer for his or her injuries. This rule does not prevent the employee for suing other responsible parties for the accident.

Indiana' workers' compensation system is in theory a "no-fault" system like those in place in other states. What this means is that even if an employee carelessly causes his or her own injury, he or she can still apply for and get benefits.

However, Indiana has a lot of exceptions to this general principle that employers can rely on to deny claims. For instance, a worker who knowingly does not use safety equipment which has been provided or who knowingly does not follow a posted safety rule can wind up not getting benefits.

Although designed to be a system easily accessible to Indiana's employees, the workers' compensation laws and regulations of this state can be hard to navigate. In many cases, an injured worker benefits from the assistance of a qualified workers' compensation attorney.

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