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May 2017 Archives

Major Indiana truck accident leaves four dead

A recent truck accident on a major highway in another part of Indiana left four people dead and also attracted the attention of the national news media. If anything, the tragedy shows the importance of a trucker's being always mindful of what is going on ahead of him or her, as no one can assume that highway traffic will not suddenly come to a standstill even outside of an urban area.

Our approach is to help out early in disability cases

There may be a common perception among New Albany, Indiana, residents that you should always file for Social Security disability benefits on your own first and then go see a lawyer if and when the benefits application gets denied. What belies this approach is an attitude that there is only so much one can do at the early stages of an application for disability and that the real action happens once the case gets to hearing before an administrative law judge.

5 steps for every personal injury case

After you get hurt because of someone else's negligence, you have a chance to file a claim for compensation. That compensation may help you pay back medical bills or support yourself while you seek therapy. It's there for a number of reasons, but primarily to help you maintain a good quality of life after a serious injury.

Overview of Indiana's workers' compensation system

Like all of its sister states, Indiana has a workers' compensation system. Through this system, workers in New Albany, Indiana and the surrounding communities north of the Ohio River can, in theory get coverage for their medical bills and a good portion of their lost wages after suffering a personal injury at work.

Textalyzer technology aims to curb distracted driving

For years, safety advocates have warned of the dangers of new forms of distracted driving, particularly the use of smart phones while driving. Activists, law enforcement officials and lawmakers all over the country have tried various approaches to make drivers avoid texting or checking social media while driving so that they can concentrate on the road. Legislators in some states are considering a new approach they call the textalyzer.

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