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3 common injuries after a car crash

You didn't see it coming, but the truck pulled out in front of you. You had no time to stop. You were fortunately wearing a seat belt, but you still hit your head on the window and airbag. Your vehicle was crushed in the front, so you suffered injuries to your legs. You have cuts, bruises and other injuries to deal with, too.

With so much to deal with, it's no wonder you want to know you'll remain financially stable throughout your treatment. The driver who caused this accident should be held accountable, and that's something your attorney can help with while you focus on your health.

What are some common injuries that people deal with after car crashes?

As you've discovered, one common injury is a traumatic brain injury. Whether it's a concussion or bleeding on the brain, the impact on the brain is immense. You may struggle with your memory, have trouble speaking or have constant headaches. While mild concussions may clear up in only a few weeks, others may take months or years. Some traumatic brain injuries will improve but are permanent.

Another common injury people deal with after a crash is bruising. While bruising itself doesn't seem very serious, it can be. While small bruises typically cause no complications, large, severe bruising can cause hematomas. While hematomas don't cause blood clots, they could be a sign of further internal injuries. You could have a gathering of pools of blood that create blood clots that threaten your life. This is why it's important to seek medical care, even if you think you haven't suffered any significant injuries. Some may develop below the surface and look less severe than they are. It's normal to suffer bruising across the chest where the seat belt holds you back.

Lacerations are also common. Lacerations, or cuts, may be shallow or deep. Some are minor, like those to the first few layers of skin, while others may involve ligaments, tendons or organs. Lacerations that are minor may require nothing more than a bandage, but deep cuts and wounds may require surgery and stitches.

Of course, there are many other injuries that you could suffer and complications from those injuries, too. Injuries can become infected, and you could face emotional trauma from the accident. It's important that you get the compensation you need to take care of the financial side of your recovery. Your attorney can help, so you can stay focused on healing.

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