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April 2017 Archives

Overview of landowners' duties to others

As is the case in all other states, Indiana residents who own property, whether it is their private home, a farm or another business, owe those who come on to the property a certain obligation which the law calls a duty of care. Under premises liability laws, how much a landowner has to go out of their way to protect other people on the land depends on how and why the person came to be on the property in the first place.

After a surgery gone poorly, compensation might be possible

Residents of Floyd County, Indiana and all of those who live on the Indiana side of the Louisville metro area probably do not list having surgery as one of their favorite activities, and for good reason. Even when all goes well, a person may have to take time off from work to recover from even a minor surgery.

Indiana's medical malpractice damage cap

Indiana arguably has some of the toughest laws in the country for medical malpractice victims who want to get the compensation they deserve after a doctor or other medical professional injures them; however, while a challenge, these laws are not insurmountable obstacles, and injured patients should not be discouraged from holding their doctors accountable.

3 common injuries after a car crash

You didn't see it coming, but the truck pulled out in front of you. You had no time to stop. You were fortunately wearing a seat belt, but you still hit your head on the window and airbag. Your vehicle was crushed in the front, so you suffered injuries to your legs. You have cuts, bruises and other injuries to deal with, too.

Police officer, pedestrians injured in crash

People who live in the Louisville area on either side of the Ohio River probably realize, at least intuitively, that they need to be on the lookout for accident scenes and stalled vehicles. Usually, there are people that are either still in or close to the vehicles following an incident. Moreover, police officers frequently respond, and they also are either in or near their cruisers.

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