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March 2017 Archives

There are many ways we help after a pedestrian injury

There are many people in New Albany, as well as in Floyd County and in other parts of the Louisville metropolitan area who choose to walk or ride a bicycle to work, school or just around town for fun. People who are driving in cars have an obligation to be on the lookout for pedestrians and bicyclists and to give them the same courtesy and respect as they would another car.

Waiting period puts dying SSDI recipients on hold

The good news for some residents in the Louisville area, no matter which side of the Ohio River you live on, is that certain types of disabilities qualify for a relatively quick approval process under the Social Security Administration's Compassionate Allowance program.

5 things to know when a big rig strikes you

A lot of things go through your mind when a big rig strikes you. Remembering what to do and how to handle the situation might be difficult because of the effects of the crash. Taking a few minutes to brush up on what you should do if this occurs can help you to feel better prepared for dealing with the aftermath of a semitruck crash.

What can you do about a dog bite in Indiana?

The old rule in Indiana was that only those pet owners who knew in some way that a dog had a propensity to bite could be held liable in a personal injury action alleging negligence. Thankfully, although "one free bite" at one time was the law in Indiana, it isn't anymore. Now, under Indiana law, an injured victim who suffered scarring, disfigurement or other injuries because of dog bites can now sue the dog owner for negligence, even if it is the first time the dog had bitten a human being.

Helping you hold a negligent driver liable in a car accident

Everyday Indiana residents rely on automobiles to get around. While motor vehicles are a reliable and often necessary consumer good in the lives of Americans, they can also pose many risks and dangers. Although drivers are aware that there are rules of the road and they have a duty to drive safe, unfortunately not all drivers do this. Thus, negligent, distracted and reckless drivers are the cause of serious and fatal crashes across the nation.

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