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Minnesota state work group wants "granny cams" in nursing homes

It is never an easy decision to move an elderly family member into a nursing home. Unfortunately as they age, many people are left unable to care for themselves. While some families have the ability, support and finances to take care of the elderly during their final years, not all families do, and for older folks who need 24-hour care, a nursing home is one place they may end up.

While many nursing homes in the United States offer competent satisfactory service to their residents, or patients, all too often we hear stories of mistreatment or neglect at nursing homes, often leading to catastrophic results, or even death. This is often compounded by the fact that the elderly are inherently more fragile physically, and more vulnerable to illnesses or disease as their bodies age, deteriorate, and ultimately breakdown.

This is often a primary concern for family members who have decided to put their loved ones in the trusted arms of a nursing home facility. But is trust alone enough to prevent an accident, malpractice, or neglect?

A Minnesota state work group is advising their state's legislature to consider the regulation of cameras or "granny cams." Like a "nanny cam," a camera located in a home to monitor the actions and care of nannies take care of young children, a granny cam would enable family and loved ones to monitor the treatment and well-being of their relative at the nursing home. This could give them peace of mind, and holding nursing homes accountable with video evidence in the event of negligence, medical malpractice or mistreatment.

Source: StarTribune, "Group seeks new rules on use of 'granny cams' in Minnesota nursing homes," By Chris Serres, Jan. 18, 2017

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