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January 2017 Archives

Hospital covers up MRSA outbreak, leaving 2 dead, 6 sick

When you enter a hospital, it is assumed that you or your loved one will receive the necessary and proper treatment. Since hospital continually deal with patients who are sick, often with contagious diseases, it is important that the hospital or medical facility take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of diseases. Unfortunately, this is not always the case however.

How do I qualify for Social Security disability benefits?

Disabled individuals who are unable to work may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits or other options that may be available to disabled individuals through the Social Security Administration (SSA). When applying for Social Security disability (SSD) insurance benefits, it is important to understand what medical evidence and other information will be required to be eligible to receive benefits.

Brother saving brother from toppled dresser goes viral

The video starts innocently enough. A pair of young toddlers are playing with the drawers of a dresser in their bedroom. But what happened next, caught on camera by the family's nanny cam, is the vision of nightmares to parents. The twin boys decide to try to climb into the middle drawer, but their weight causes the dresser to topple over, throwing one boy to the floor and trapping the other boy underneath the dresser. Thankfully, this incident did not end in tragedy, due to some quick thinking by one of the brothers.

CDC warns of possible patient damage from post-surgery infection

Indiana residents who need care at a hospital will undoubtedly trust the medical professionals treating them. Even with that trust, there should be vigilance with any treatment that they are receiving. This is because a patient can become a victim when there is a medical error. These types of mistakes can lead to injury, long-term damage and even death. It is after this has happened that the victim and his or her family needs to be aware of the steps to take to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

What are acceptable medical sources when seeking SSD benefits?

When Indiana residents are seeking Social Security disability benefits, there are certain criteria that must be met to get an approval. This terminology might sound somewhat confusing to a person who is suffering from an illness, condition or injury and can be difficult to understand. However, it is a key to know about these factors. Particularly important are the medical sources that the Social Security Administration deems acceptable. The decision on whether a person is disabled or not is based on the medical evidence. The claimant must show the evidence that the impairment exists and that it is severe enough to warrant SSD benefits.

What happens after slip and fall injuries at a business?

Our part of Indiana and the surrounding areas are prone to snowfall, sleet, and freezing rain during the winter season. For far too many people, slippery surfaces can result in serious injuries. If you recently slipped and fell in a parking lot, on a sidewalk or in the foyer of a business, the property owner may be liable for your injuries.

As hit-and-run shows, pedestrian accidents can be deadly

With Indiana car accidents involving a bicyclist or a pedestrian, there is a significant chance that there will be major injuries and even death. The vulnerability of those who are not riding in a vehicle places them in serious jeopardy in a crash. Because motor vehicle accidents can cause so much damage to an individual and a family, it is important that those who were affected know what to do in its aftermath. This is particularly true in the event of a hit-and-run with a pedestrian.

Doctor errors can lead to catastrophic results

When a person suffers from an illness or injury, they typically will visit with a doctor, hospital or medical facility to address the condition in hopes that it will be properly treated. And in a vast majority of cases, medical professionals are able to properly diagnose the condition and address it appropriately. Every person is unique however, which can lead to certain gray areas. This is where the professional expertise, education and experience of doctors and their medical staff come in.

An overview of product liability law

Most people in Indiana know that sometimes defective products can cause injuries. This seems to be especially common with small children, for example, as we oftentimes see small toys or other objects being recalled due to being choking hazards. We all recognize the danger that defective products can potentially present, but many people don't know that when injuries occur due to defective products any personal injury lawsuit that is filed will be under the umbrella of "product liability" law.

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