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Filing personal injury lawsuits due to dog bites

Most of our readers in Indiana know that a personal injury lawsuit can be filed in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. But, not everyone knows that a personal injury lawsuit could be filed in many other circumstances as well - there just needs to be a "personal injury" that was caused due to another party's negligence.

For instance, Indiana residents who suffer injures due to dog bites may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to attempt to recover compensation for the damages involved, typically medical expenses, among other costs. So, what are the steps that our readers need to take if they are the victim of a dog bite? Well, the first step is to determine who the owner of the dog is. This is sometimes easier said than done, as many dog bites occur when the dog is a stray. But, many dogs today will be implanted with a microchip that identifies the animal's owner, along with their contact information. If that information can be obtained, it is obviously important to have.

Beyond identifying the potential defendant in the case, it is also important for dog bite victims to keep detailed copies of the medical expenses they incurred due to the attack. Some attacks can involve visits to the emergency room for stitches, but other, more serious attacks can involve actual hospitalization if the wounds will require extensive surgery or even reconstructive surgery. Yes, dog bites can leave a victim disfigured for life.

At the same time that medical expenses are being tracked, it can also be important to take as many photos as possible of the injuries caused in the attack. Such photos can help prove the extent of the injuries and provide justification for the medical expenses that are cited.

Source: FindLaw, "Dog Bites and Animal Attack Overview," Accessed Nov. 20, 2016

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