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November 2016 Archives

Filing personal injury lawsuits due to dog bites

Most of our readers in Indiana know that a personal injury lawsuit can be filed in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. But, not everyone knows that a personal injury lawsuit could be filed in many other circumstances as well - there just needs to be a "personal injury" that was caused due to another party's negligence.

DOT reports over 1 million weather-related car crashes annually

Think your odds of dying in a tornado, hurricane or flood are high? In actuality, the experts with The Weather Channel warn that the risk associated with dying in a car accident triggered by one of these events is even higher than the risk of dying in all three of these extreme weather patterns combined.

The right approach when applying for Social Security Disability

Indiana residents who have been working all of their lives and then suddenly find themselves facing a complete inability to work due to illness or injury may have a tough time figuring out what to do next. For some, the inability to work is temporary, and they are confident that they will be able to draw on their savings and return to work in the near future. But, for others, the situation isn't as fortunate. For some, their injury or illness is a disability. For workers in this type of situation, it may be necessary to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Patient rooms, scrubs and germ transmission

There are many policies hospitals may have in place when it comes to their nurses. This includes policies on germ transmission prevention. It is very important for nurses to follow these policies whenever they are in situations in which there could be transmission risks. Failure to do this could up the chances of a germ spreading through a hospital, exposing patients to harm. When a patient gets sick due to a bacteria spreading to them while at a hospital, skilled attorneys can investigate for them whether the nurses and other staff at the hospital followed germ prevention protocols the way they should have.

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