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Work zone car accidents can be fatal

Now that better weather is finally upon Indiana residents, many drivers will probably see their favorite routes being closed down as major road construction projects get underway. Even though drivers may see the yellow and red warnings, many don't take heed of these warnings and end up engaging in irresponsible driving habits that could end up injuring a construction worker or someone else.

As per the Indiana Department of Transportation, police data of 2014 shows that 14 people were killed and 400 more injured in accidents in work zones. Police officials noted that the most common causes of the accidents included following too closely, improper lane change, running off the roadway, unsafe lane movement and driver inattention. As a result, rear-end and head-on collisions were common types of accidents that took place.

What is sepsis?

Often, Indiana residents may go to the hospital to cure one ailment, but end up coming back with another. This new one may be caused through the neglect of the hospital. When this happens, it might be possible to hold the hospital and medical professionals responsible through a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A common complication of an infection is known as sepsis. Though any type of infection can lead to sepsis, it generally happens in the aftermath of a kidney, abdominal or bloodstream infection or pneumonia. These infections are commonly seen in people of an older age, who are already at risk of deteriorating health and slow recoveries. People who have a compromised immune system or have invasive devices, such as catheters or breathing tubes, are also at higher risk of becoming highly unwell due to sepsis.

Biking safely: Avoiding bike crashes in the summer

The summer is a fantastic time of year to get out of the house and ride your bike. It's good exercise, and it's easy to do. All you need to do is grab a helmet, hop on your bike and ride.

The trouble with biking is that there is a risk of getting into a bike accident, particularly if you live in a busy city area. Drivers may not be familiar with seeing cyclists on or near the roads, which could mean that they don't watch out for you and end up causing a crash.

What type of evidence does one need for a personal injury claim?

As mentioned previously on the Indiana Personal Injury Law blog, it may be possible to bring a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver who has caused a car accident. However, the person filing the claim, the accident victim, is known as the plaintiff and the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff. This means the plaintiff has to prove the defendant was negligent and the more evidence the plaintiff has on his or her side, the stronger their case will be. So, what type of evidence can be useful?

The most important evidence is at the scene of the accident. Of course, the first priority should be checking if everyone involved in the crash is okay and the paramedics are informed of the incident and police are called as well. It is essential to ensure that the police write up a report of the incident, as that report is going to be presented at court during the trial.

Three die in crash on the way to softball tournament

It is difficult to comprehend just how dangerous driving can be, given just how common and innocuous it seems. People get in their vehicles and drive from one location to another without giving a second thought to whether they will indeed make it there safe and sound, seldom considering the possibility of an accident. But, an unexpected accident can take place in the blink of an eye and change the lives of everyone involved.

A recent car crash in Indiana highlighted the transient nature of life, with three people dying in the accident. According to authorities, a 40-year-old man, 42-year-old woman and 19-year-old girl died in a crash on the way to a softball tournament when an oncoming pickup truck drifted across the fog line and hit their vehicle head-on.

Texting and driving is deadliest form of distracted driving

When Indiana drivers travel across the same route almost daily, they get used to the roads and may end up allowing their minds to wander off. As a result, rather than focus on the road and changing road conditions, they could be thinking about a project at work or what to pick up from the grocers. These distractions could end up causing a fatal accident.

As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, any activity that distracts a driver from the road is commonly referred to as distracted driving. Even though we commonly think distracted driving is only talking on the phone or texting, that's not the only dangerous activity. Even fiddling with the navigation system and the radio or eating and drinking in the car can be considered distracting if it takes the driver's attention away from their primary task of driving. Additionally, distractions don't have to involve physically taking one's eyes off the road -- if they are causing cognitive impairment, such as daydreaming behind the steering wheel, they can be just as dangerous.

Medical malpractice lawsuits shed light on medical mistakes

It is an unfortunate reality that Indiana medical errors are common in a hospital setting. It is also unfortunate that when such medical mistakes cause injuries and deaths, the medical community closes ranks to protect their own. Lastly, it is equally unfortunate that someone pursuing a medical negligence lawsuit against negligent medical professionals is considered to be hampering doctors and tying them up in litigation rather than allowing them to provide healthcare to patients.

However, holding a negligent professional accountable can serve many purposes, including highlighting the importance of adhering to acceptable standards of healthcare. Creating awareness about common medical mistakes, such as misdiagnosis or leaving equipment behind in a surgery, can be the first step to taking necessary steps so it does not happen again. Additionally, by compelling medical professionals to testify in a trial and hospitals to provide necessary documents, light can be shed on what went wrong and a suffering patient's questions can be answered.

Obstetricians among most sued specialists for medical errors

The birth of a child marks a monumental step in an Indiana couple's life, with them expecting their life to change as they begin to care for a healthy child. However, if medical professionals responsible for the healthy birth of a child are negligent in their duties, they may end up causing serious birth injuries that could affect the child for the rest of his or her life.

Specialists, especially surgeons and obstetricians and gynecologists are more likely to be sued than primary care doctors, according to a survey published in 2017. Many claim this could be because when someone's birthing experience goes differently from what they expected, they end up suing the doctor. However, this does not take into account the fact that when specialists fail to recognize and respond to troubling signs in a delivery room, it may cause serious injuries. Brain damage, spinal cord damage or even blindness could be the result of medical errors in the delivery room.

What if I got hurt but wasn't wearing a motorcycle helmet?

Depending where you're riding your motorcycle in the United States, and the state laws that govern the area, you could be legally required to wear a helmet. In the state of Indiana, there are some individuals -- in fact most motorcycle riders -- who don't actually have to wear a helmet.

All motorcyclists and their passengers should don a helmet while going for a ride for safety purposes. However, in Indiana, the only motorcyclists legally required to wear a helmet are motorcyclists under the age of 18.

Car crashes into mobile home in Indiana

Even though teenage drivers getting their license for the first time have undergone driver's education classes, taken exams and spent a certain number of hours on the road to qualify for their license, nothing can replace the wisdom that age and experience bring. Younger drivers are often hesitant on the road, take longer to respond to changing road conditions and cannot anticipate another driver's behavior in advance the way older drivers do. This makes them more prone to car accidents that cause serious bodily injury and property damage.

This is perhaps what happened in a recent accident in Indiana, where someone learning to drive mistook the pedals for one another and ended up running into a mobile home. According to police officials, the teen missed a turn and instead of hitting the brake, the young driver hit the gas pedal and careened into a mobile home. The crash sparked a fire, destroying the house and a shed like structure next to it and damaged the vehicle as well. There was a passenger in the car at the time of the accident.

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