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How can I prove I have been injured by a defective product?

When a product is sold on the market, there is an assumption that it is safe and fit for ordinary use, which is the use for which it was intended. Other products are unavoidably unsafe, such as an electric knife, which would be useless if it was not sharp and, therefore, is accompanied by warnings about risks associated with the uses of that product. Despite this, thousands of people are injured throughout the year by dangerous or defective products and the question for those who are injured in Indiana may be, who do we hold accountable and how?

Tragic motor vehicle accident kills two, severely injures one

Even though we don't like to admit it, when we get out on the road, there is a certain risk that one might get involved in a motor vehicle accident. One doesn't expect that when they are sitting in the safety of their own home, which is why the recent car crash that took the lives of two in Indiana is such a shock to the community.

Does every dog get a free bite?

The saying, "every dog gets a bite" refers to a traditional notion in the law that, before a dog actually bites anyone, an owner cannot be expected to know his or her animal is dangerous and thus cannot financially accountable for the pet's first attack on a human being.

Overview of Indiana's workers' compensation system

Like all of its sister states, Indiana has a workers' compensation system. Through this system, workers in New Albany, Indiana and the surrounding communities north of the Ohio River can, in theory get coverage for their medical bills and a good portion of their lost wages after suffering a personal injury at work.

Overview of landowners' duties to others

As is the case in all other states, Indiana residents who own property, whether it is their private home, a farm or another business, owe those who come on to the property a certain obligation which the law calls a duty of care. Under premises liability laws, how much a landowner has to go out of their way to protect other people on the land depends on how and why the person came to be on the property in the first place.

There are many ways we help after a pedestrian injury

There are many people in New Albany, as well as in Floyd County and in other parts of the Louisville metropolitan area who choose to walk or ride a bicycle to work, school or just around town for fun. People who are driving in cars have an obligation to be on the lookout for pedestrians and bicyclists and to give them the same courtesy and respect as they would another car.

What can you do about a dog bite in Indiana?

The old rule in Indiana was that only those pet owners who knew in some way that a dog had a propensity to bite could be held liable in a personal injury action alleging negligence. Thankfully, although "one free bite" at one time was the law in Indiana, it isn't anymore. Now, under Indiana law, an injured victim who suffered scarring, disfigurement or other injuries because of dog bites can now sue the dog owner for negligence, even if it is the first time the dog had bitten a human being.

Don't take the winter weather for granted

It is not uncommon as we enter the later stages of winter to take potentially hazardous conditions for granted. When winter weather first hits, we are not yet accustomed to the new hazards on the streets and sidewalks and may take extra precautions and proceed with extra caution in this new environment. But it's now already mid-February and we have been dealing with the cold, ice and snow for months.

Brother saving brother from toppled dresser goes viral

The video starts innocently enough. A pair of young toddlers are playing with the drawers of a dresser in their bedroom. But what happened next, caught on camera by the family's nanny cam, is the vision of nightmares to parents. The twin boys decide to try to climb into the middle drawer, but their weight causes the dresser to topple over, throwing one boy to the floor and trapping the other boy underneath the dresser. Thankfully, this incident did not end in tragedy, due to some quick thinking by one of the brothers.

An overview of product liability law

Most people in Indiana know that sometimes defective products can cause injuries. This seems to be especially common with small children, for example, as we oftentimes see small toys or other objects being recalled due to being choking hazards. We all recognize the danger that defective products can potentially present, but many people don't know that when injuries occur due to defective products any personal injury lawsuit that is filed will be under the umbrella of "product liability" law.

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