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Techniques attorneys use to reduce disability hearing wait times

Many residents of New Albany and others who live on the Indiana side of the Louisville metro area probably have heard in the news that many people get denied Social Security benefits for disability even when they have a good case and were very careful about filling out the required paperwork. These same people also probably recognize that, for Social Security disability claims, it takes a long time, sometimes years, to get the denial appealed to an administrative law judge for review.

To a great degree, until national politics changes such that more priority is given to solving the Social Security Administration's notorious backlog, the wait time will simply be a fact of life and something disabled Hoosiers and their attorneys will just have to work around. However, there are some techniques disability attorneys can use in an effort to speed up the hearing process.

Holding drowsy and buzzed truck drivers accountable

Indiana is called the Crossroads of America for good reason, as several traffic corridors, heading both east and west and north and south, cross this state. Even here in the southern part of the state, there are lots of truckers and other commercial vehicles passing through on their way to pick up and drop off loads.

While most truck drivers and their employers probably do what they can to maintain a drug free workplace, the reality is many truck drivers do have problems with substance abuse, and their misuse of illegal or even prescription drugs and other products can spill over in to their driving. Obviously, a driver who is under the influence presents a serious hazard to others on the road.

A brain injury can affect you for the foreseeable future

It is difficult to live with a brain injury. After a collision, you may discover that you do not have the cognitive abilities that you did in the past. As a result, you must work on healing yourself and recovering the abilities you had prior to the accident.

It can be complicated to treat a patient with a brain injury, because no two injuries are alike. That means that it is hard to know exactly what to do to treat a patient. Treatment requires trial and error in many cases.

Does every dog get a free bite?

The saying, "every dog gets a bite" refers to a traditional notion in the law that, before a dog actually bites anyone, an owner cannot be expected to know his or her animal is dangerous and thus cannot financially accountable for the pet's first attack on a human being.

Thankfully, though, Indiana no longer observes this rule when it comes to dog bites, as the rule had a tendency to be unfair to innocent victims of dogs who both needed and deserved financial compensation for their injuries.

If I get hurt at work, can I still get disability benefits?

When an Indiana resident has a work accident that leaves him or her unable to earn a living, one of the first thoughts that person or her family may have is how they are going to support themselves without that person's income.

Like its sister states, Indiana has a workers' compensation program for workers who get hurt on the job. While these benefits are helpful, they do not pay for everything, so a family may have to look for other sources of income to help them.

Major Indiana truck accident leaves four dead

A recent truck accident on a major highway in another part of Indiana left four people dead and also attracted the attention of the national news media. If anything, the tragedy shows the importance of a trucker's being always mindful of what is going on ahead of him or her, as no one can assume that highway traffic will not suddenly come to a standstill even outside of an urban area.

Apparently, traffic along the interstate was experiencing a slowdown because of a fire in the nearby brush. Fro whatever reason, the truck driver heading down the interstate did not respond to the slowdown and thus smashed in to the rear of a car. The car was quickly engulfed in fire, and three occupants of the car died.

Our approach is to help out early in disability cases

There may be a common perception among New Albany, Indiana, residents that you should always file for Social Security disability benefits on your own first and then go see a lawyer if and when the benefits application gets denied. What belies this approach is an attitude that there is only so much one can do at the early stages of an application for disability and that the real action happens once the case gets to hearing before an administrative law judge.

Especially since it can take months or even years to get a hearing in some parts of the country, our law office's approach to disability cases is a bit different. Specifically, we encourage prospective clients to contact us earlier on in the application process.

5 steps for every personal injury case

After you get hurt because of someone else's negligence, you have a chance to file a claim for compensation. That compensation may help you pay back medical bills or support yourself while you seek therapy. It's there for a number of reasons, but primarily to help you maintain a good quality of life after a serious injury.

There are a few things you can do to make the collection process easier. These are five things to do when you get hurt.

Overview of Indiana's workers' compensation system

Like all of its sister states, Indiana has a workers' compensation system. Through this system, workers in New Albany, Indiana and the surrounding communities north of the Ohio River can, in theory get coverage for their medical bills and a good portion of their lost wages after suffering a personal injury at work.

In most cases, Indiana employers must provide workers' compensation coverage that will pay compensation for their employees' work-related illnesses and injuries, although there are some exceptions to this rule. This compensation is designed to be paid to workers quickly so that they can get their medical bills resolved quickly and can also get some replacement income while they are out of work. I

Textalyzer technology aims to curb distracted driving

For years, safety advocates have warned of the dangers of new forms of distracted driving, particularly the use of smart phones while driving. Activists, law enforcement officials and lawmakers all over the country have tried various approaches to make drivers avoid texting or checking social media while driving so that they can concentrate on the road. Legislators in some states are considering a new approach they call the textalyzer.

Modeled after the breathalyzer machines police use to detect blood alcohol content, the textalyzer, would be able to quickly tell police whether people involved in motor vehicle accidents were using their phones immediately before the collision. The textalyzer consists of a device that can attach to a smart phone and reveal any activity on the device that occurred within a specified period beforehand. Authorities could then use this evidence to prosecute the driver. Victims of accidents caused by distracted drivers could also use this evidence to pursue personal injury claims against the distracted driver.

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